RDC cheerleaders
RDC cheerleaders

RDC Cheerleaders

Our Vision

To challenge our athletes in a positive, safe and supportive atmosphere one cheer team at a time! 

Our Mission

Through the participation and instruction of cheerleading we will promote good sportsmanship, teach the value of being part of a team and uplift and empower our athletes by providing quality coaching and exceptional role models. 


What is Changing at RDC? 


Our teams will take part in team building activities once a month designed to get athletes united, motivated and working together.

Each month a new warm up, new stretches, new jump drills and new tumble drills will be added into our training sessions to make training more enjoyable and interesting. 


And finally all RDC Cheerleaders teams will be coached by Rosie Awan, coaching a team is one of the most demanding and rewarding jobs you will ever attempt but I will build up our athletes, install confidence in them and help them overcome any hurdles that are in front of them. 

We are located at:

Brockshill Community Centre 

Washbrook Lane




The Gymnastics Zone

Evelyn Drive



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